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There are around 114 energy channels in our body that we can tap into, balance and heal. The 7 main energy points that you most likely have heard of are the 7 chakras.

Today I wanted to share some light on our 2nd energy channel “Sacral Chakra” this bright orange chakra is associated with emotions, creation and stimulus. It’s energy is ruled by the feminine or Yin. It’s associated with the moon and the zodiac of cancer. When one is able to bring more balance into our Sacral Chakra we will notice that we value ourselves a lot more, we are more creative and free flowing, you have more energy and less fear. Our intuition is also more clear.

This chakra rules the bodily areas of your reproductive system and your bowels. Bringing balance to your Sacral Chakra can bring a lot of healing in these areas of your body.

I am currently going through my own chakra healing journey and this is one of the Chakras I personally need a lot of balancing in. I am excited to share with you all my Chakra Healing Program once I have completed it myself and feel like it can truly provide healing 🧡

Lastly if you want to start healing this chakra you can start indulging in orange meditating on that energy center or doing kundalini yoga. Below I have attached my recipe for my SACRAL CHAKRA HEALING JUICE 🍊:

- 2 Oranges

- 2 Carrots

- 1 Lemon

- Cubes of pineapple

(Pressed juice)

Blessed Be,

Laura 🧡K.

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