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Hello and welcome! Thank you for being here and supporting the Self Pneuma Community. We are here to assist and support all of you on this crazy journey called life. Through Self Pneuma you will have the opportunity to explore your meaning as well as the meaning of others. The goal of this community is to be able to grow individually and collectively through our physical and spiritual journey.  


With Self Pneuma you will have the opportunity to join workshops, programs and blogs, all that assist you with your self exploration. You will also be able to book coaching sessions and Tarot sessions when you feel like you need guidance, direction and clarity.  

Welcome to the Pneuma family!

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I would like to thank you for my amazing reading! You explained all the tarot cards clearly, any questions I had were answered. I left my reading feeling relieved and calm knowing that I had the power to change what didn’t serve me. It was a very positive experience for me. I felt like I had known you for a lifetime. Thank you for the meditating links and the other resources that you shared with me. Look forward to another reading soon.



Thank you for allowing me to understand what was happening in my love life. With the clarity Laura was able to give me I was able to take the necessary steps I knew I kept ignoring in my life. Ever since our session, my love life has changed for the better.



Cassidy has been such a great help in my crystal journey! She has been the best teacher, allowing me to understand beyond just meaning but vibrational frequency. 


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